Master Cooking Classes

The children appreciate a variety of food when they join in the preparation of meals and develop a great range of skills. Some of the essential uses of cooking with the children are,

  • Cooking encourages creativity in children
  • Children learn various processes – Freezing, Heating, Grinding, Mixing, beating
  • Cooking activity promotes children’s fine motor skills.
  • Facilitate dramatic play with children
  • The children learn different types of food and culture through cooking
  • Cooking experience increase children’s literacy and mathematical skills.

Cooking with the children is our regular part of the teaching program. To ensure that the children gain as much as they can from this cooking experience, we involve them in the whole cooking process. Our children love poring through books to select recipes, choosing the ingredients, measuring and mixing the ingredients, and incorporating everything in a bowl. The educators constantly communicate, explain, and demonstrate the process of cooking, initiate a discussion with the children and ensure the children are engaged for the whole time whilst they are doing the activity.