Numeracy Skills

In an early age, the children develop in so many areas and have rich inquiry skills including experimentation and problem-solving. They show emergence in foundational mathematical skills in further learning such as size, comparison, repeating, and symmetrical patterns and length. The educators encourage children’s mathematical learning such as attributes and properties of shapes, spatial awareness, size-shape relationship, similarity, and congruency.

They engage with the children and challenge their thinking in relation to having mathematical discussions and debates.  Some of the Mathematical activities are,

  • Counting and sorting shapes
  • Measuring sand with different cups
  • Number matching game
  • Colour matching game
  • Playdough colour match learning activity
  • Numbered nature tray
  • Farm animal rainbow counters
  • Counting beads on pipe cleaners
  • Button counting activity
  • Roll and dot the number
  • Counting and Addition Tray
  • Patterns with bears