School Readiness and Pre-Kinder Program

Getting ready for school is an essential milestone in our children’s lives and it needs a strong foundation to help them start this amazing journey of learning. School readiness is not all about academics. We understand that children up to seven years old learn through play and that more important than skill development is their development of emotional and social and wellbeing, which is required to be a positive and active learner.

At Achievers Learning centre, this School Readiness doesn’t just start with the Preschool Room, and it starts from the Toddlers room and flourishes in our Preschool Room. This Program is expanded for our preschoolers in their final year before the school to ensure that they are given the intense opportunities to learn new skills, as well as refine existing skills. All our learning is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, the Australian National Curriculum.

Our School Readiness Program aims at supporting the development of independence and confidence that your child will need prior to starting school, helping to build a strong foundation for later learning. The School Readiness Program creates interests and assists your child in becoming an active learner. The program and our extensive educational resources provide opportunities for your child to build to their full potential whilst having fun at the same time. We focus on the children’s independence skills, the social and emotional self( the child must be able to cooperate and socialize with their peers and adults and can able to identify and communicate his/her feelings, teaching respect for themselves and others, follow routines child must be able to socialize and cooperate with their peers and adults and being able to identify and communicate their feelings), routines ( it provide children the emotional stability they require and are important to good behavior and attention span) and academic skills.

During our meetings, our educators will discuss with your child’s readiness to start school and provide you with support to help them to progress their school readiness skills at home. We collaborate with your family and with local schools in our communities to assist you and your child with the transition and orientation process.